materials TIROLWOOL

There are different types of wool. Normally we distinct between fine wool and not. In particular there is a type of wool that is usually employed for the padding but which cannot be used as textile, because it results rough and not comfortable. Re-Bello decided to give value to this kind of wool by using it as padding of the outwears.

Our fine wool is from Tyrolean sheep, subject to a special natural treatment that eliminates the scales of wool without altering the structure of the fiber, making it soft, odorless, breathable and resistant to repeated washings. Find below an overview on certificates, technologies and innovations of our producers.


Brand which certificates the quality of the wool, treated with a special method without damaging the structure of the fibers. More information on Imbotex.


It is a challenge to find the perfect fabric among all sustainable materials. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages for the environment in all the various phases of the production process.
Bamboo, for example, even if presenting very high benefits in farming (high soil yield, low water consumption, etc.), is an artificial fiber which needs to be extracted.

On the other hand, cotton is a natural fiber but it presents the disadvantage of the low soil yield and the fact that it steals precious areas that could potentially be used for food farming.
Our aim is to further improve the selection of sustainable materials and to concentrate, where possible, on new and innovative materials with a particular focus on upcyling&recycling.

Materials Breakdown

Pet Newlife, upcycled wool
Organic cotton, Eucalyputs, Merino Wool, Tirolwool
Bamboo, Virgin Wool dyed with herbs