materiali PET Newlife

This is not the first ever-made yarn with PET bottles, but it is unique. It is made of a certified yarn delivered from 100% post-consumption plastic bottles, treated with a process that turns what we use to call trash in a “distillate “of polyethylene – a synthetic silk with better qualities than fabrics gained with traditional virgin polymers.
The process occurs thanks to the following processing stages:
1. An Italian company recovers plastic bottles in northern Italy only and divides them according to type.
2. The selected material is collected, cleaned, cut and then converted into a polymer, which is suitable for spinning.

3. The polymer is converted into a range of recycled polyester yarns, suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Technological know-how developed through years of experience, research and innovation guarantees a high performance fabric of excellent quality. But the most incredible thing is that you start the process. Find below an overview on certificates, technologies and innovations of our producers.


Newlife fiber

This is not a real certificate, but a guarantee that our fabric gained by upcycled polyethylene is made in Italy with a mechanical and innovative process which, by exploiting the changes in temperature, eliminates the use of chemicals into the spinning stage of the polymer. It also guarantees the quality of the fabric, because Newlife is among the finest fabrics gained by post-consumption plastic bottles. More information on Newlife.


It is a challenge to find the perfect fabric among all sustainable materials. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages for the environment in all the various phases of the production process.
Bamboo, for example, even if presenting very high benefits in farming (high soil yield, low water consumption, etc.), is an artificial fiber which needs to be extracted.

On the other hand, cotton is a natural fiber but it presents the disadvantage of the low soil yield and the fact that it steals precious areas that could potentially be used for food farming.
Our aim is to further improve the selection of sustainable materials and to concentrate, where possible, on new and innovative materials with a particular focus on upcyling&recycling.

Materials Breakdown

Pet Newlife, upcycled wool
Organic cotton, Eucalyputs, Merino Wool, Tirolwool
Bamboo, Virgin Wool dyed with herbs