Re-Bello decided to adopt leather and create a leather jacket which represents the “essence of a rebel”, always respecting nature – for example in regard to the exploitation of livestock. Our aspiration has been complete avoidance of chemicals, which can harm our environment. During the leather manufacturing process the skin is treated with a natural tanning agent made of olive leaves, extracted with a process similar to brewing tea.

It presents optimum skin compatibility and is totally biodegradable. Our leather is from organic animal farms where the animals are free to move, run and tangle. This is the reason why imperfections on the jacket’s surface are to be considered a distinctive sign, the mark of a treatment in respect of nature. Find below an overview on certificates, technologies and innovations of our producers.


wet-green is a patented method for producing ultra-fine leather - Olivenleder®. Our supplier has developed a purely ecological leather tanning agent, which is Cradle to Cradle™ GOLD and "Material Health" PLATINUM certified,  and an associated tanning process using renewable raw materials, basically tanning a by-product with a by-product. RE-BELLO is the first brand collaborating with wet-green in the fashion world. More information on wet-green.


It is a challenge to find the perfect fabric among all sustainable materials. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages for the environment in all the various phases of the production process.
Bamboo, for example, even if presenting very high benefits in farming (high soil yield, low water consumption, etc.), is an artificial fiber which needs to be extracted.

On the other hand, cotton is a natural fiber but it presents the disadvantage of the low soil yield and the fact that it steals precious areas that could potentially be used for food farming.
Our aim is to further improve the selection of sustainable materials and to concentrate, where possible, on new and innovative materials with a particular focus on upcyling&recycling.

Materials Breakdown

Pet Newlife, upcycled wool
Organic cotton, Eucalyputs, Merino Wool, Tirolwool
Bamboo, Virgin Wool dyed with herbs