About us The first Italian sustainable fashion brand

RE-BELLO is a sustainable fashion brand based in Bolzano, Italy.

Founded in 2013, RE-BELLO is a first-mover in “capturing” the trend, that customers are becoming more aware of and sensible towards environmental issues and are therefore looking for sustainable products.
We want to put into practice the idea of a truly sustainable clothing brand where design, sustainability and transparency go hand in hand.
Fashion should express who we are and always be designed, produced and worn with respect for everything around us.
We enjoy life, love the world we live in and want to ensure people and next generations have the quality of life that they deserve.

We constantly research fabrics that are produced in a fair and sustainable way but are at the same time innovative, comfortable and stylish.
It is a fact that the production of textiles always has an impact on the environment but we wish to minimize that impact by choosing sustainable fibers of high quality.
Our aim is to become one of Europe’s main players in the eco-fashion industry, creating a strong and coherent brand which makes of continuous innovation its mission.

Join the sustainable lifestyle of RE-BELLO!